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We are international dedicated Volunteers!!give your hand to change to a better world!!!!!!  


Hope and Action for Africa is a politically and religiously neutral organization. We accept non profitable contents only.

WHAT IS HOPE&action: We are international Volunteers, dedicated To Bring Hope to People in needs, and to take the leads in Community development through Innovative Actions and projects.


Hope&Action started in February 2010, from Nairobi Kenya.with main intention to work with refugees and immigrants in Kenya.with a time Hope&Action realized the needs to work more with communities,instead of limiting on refugees and Immigrants.from the beginning up to now, the youth still one of our main concern, given that there hold the future of this world. we are involved in different activities of volunteerism such as:

  • Education
  • Peace building
  • Youth Empowerment
  • assistance to people in needs
  • Innovating projects  

As our name (Hope&Action), all what you can say about us, and our activities, resume in two words:

1.Hope:which indicates bringing Hope to people in needs, or people without a voice.

2.Action:different activities and projects that promote a better community.

This is what we can say about  Hope&Action in General, but given that we are an organization of international volunteers, Every hope&Action  group in a given country makes an agenda  depending on the needs in the country/region or place, that local communities are facing.

Hope&Action Kenya

Chair person: Mr Cyubahiro Jules

Coordinator:M. Jean Pierre Ngirabahire

Acting Secretary: Mr Aimable Ndatabaye.

Advsor: Mr Chris Musabwa

Contact us through the information provided below;
We are situated at Kayole , Nairobi.

P.O. Box 23864/00100, GPO Nairobi.

Tel:+254724099434/ +254718614978/+2547116721669

Hope&ACTION  is a registered Comunity Based organization in Kenya,in the future HAFA intends to become an NGO.

Hope&Action Rwanda

Chair Person:Mr Joseph Mushyikirano Tel:+250785026291

Vice chairperson: Mr  Gashema Pascal

Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs' Urayeneza Ellen


Espoir&Action Quebec:

Contact Person: Olivier.IMBABAZI 


Hope&Action Organization

Chairperson:Mr Joseph Mushyikirano


E mail: afrhope@gmail.com,infohopeteam@yahoo.fr;

Website: www.hopeandactionforafrica.cfsites.org

H.A.F.A    a partner in community developing