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We are international dedicated Volunteers!!give your hand to change to a better world!!!!!!  

Why sports Activities?

Sport is known as a way to bring together different people!it is said that sport has no color, no race no religion, or political party!

What do we Do?we work closely with refugees team in finding their needs such as balls,we also organize friendly games either between refugees teams or between refugees and citizens.through sport gathering it is a simple way to find the youth, understand their concern,get information on their situation and consequently advice them on different matters such as education,drugs abuse among others!

Actually we are preparing to initiate an event called ''Refugees Cup''

What is Refugees cup?Refugees is Cup is a competition that will be organized annually by H.A.F.A in collaboration with other partners!the final of this competition and awards will be in June ,on Refugees day!
Refugees Cup will attract teams from the seven communities targeted by H.A.F.A

Calendar For Refugees' Cup

The important dates of  the competition

02nd April/2011:Deadline for the teams to submit their interest in the competition.

09th/April/2011: Deadline to get confirmation as invited team.

23rd/April/2011: First meeting with team’s representatives ,team classification in groups, Final

Confirmation of competition’s rules by participating teams and organizing committee.

21st/May/2011:Opening of the competition and first match is played.

20th/june/2011: Final match/end of the tournament/Awards given officially to the winners in an

important ceremony organized on refugees day!

You can read more about Refugees Cup competition at the end of this page.


One of the goal that Hope&Action For Africa has set is to organize a refugees cup on refugees day(20th June),to arrive on that
effective team and sports activities among these communities,should be encouraged.

By use of sport,communities can be motivated to socialize,and to live together in peace.

HAFA has started its sport activities with football and basketball

HOPE Entertaining Group!

In Hope&Action For Africa we believe that the msg is likely to be paid attention by the public when in it is given through
entertaining mode or talents.(musics,comedies among others),it is for that reason that we have thought of Hope Entertaining group
By which we can deliver some of the msgs that we want to deliver through art-entertaining.

On saturday 18th/septemebr/2010 a friendly match was played between Hope Football team and Mukuru Youth oasis of hope Football team.
the game took place at Mukuru kwa Ruben and begun at 11a.m!
at the end of the match the results waa 1-1 and the hosting team(Mukuru oasis...),shared a refreshment with the guest(hope footbalteam).
by the help of an organization based in Mukuru called Hope worldwide kenya.in a few speech that took place,the 2 sides were satisfied on how the game was really friendly,and they suggested to work together not only in sport but even in other domain!soon the pictures of the game!

ON 2nd October/2010

on saturday 2nd october a friendly match was played between Somalis peace footabal team from Isri and Hope football team!
The game the game started at 11am and finished with 4 - 2,Hope football team wining the game!!
After the game the 2teams shared a refreshment that was bought with contribution of hosting players and assistance of HAFA!
The Somalis gave invitation to Hope Football team to come to Isri and these ones accepted the invitation!
Many thanks to zinduwa africa group,which contributed to this game by lending jaz to our team!

SOMALIS PEACE STAR TEAM with hope Football team after the game

Somalis peace star team

ON 9th October

a friendly game was played between Kasarani congolese team and Kayole Congolese Team,the game ended with score of 3-2 in favor of the hosting team(Kayole).after the game the 2 teams shared a refreshment offered by HAFA.Kasarani players asked the representatives of HAFA if they would be assisted to get some balls,and the chairperson of HAFA explained them that HAFA still have low financial capacity but in partnerships with players many things will be done as it have been the case on Kayole teams

Refugees’ Cup Competition

Given that under its programs H.A.F.A implement different activities to targeted groups such as

Education, information, sport and talent promotion among others, it is in our concern of promoting

Sports activities among refugees that we have thought to initiate Refugees’ Cup.

What is Refugees’ Cup Competition.

It is a competition that was initiated by H.A.F.A and will be held annually from 2011.the final and awards will be on worldwide refugees’ day in June. this competition will bring together different

Teams of refugees’ communities that are targeted by H.A.F.A (Somalis, Sudanese’, Congolese’

Among others).

Why Refugees’ Cup Competition?

1.It is away to promote sport activities among refugees communities

2.When different youth of refugees gather together for sports activities it is easier to get more

   Information on their situation, and challenges and thus take initiatives.

3.it is away to bring different people together and thus build peace.

4.being involved in certain activities such as sport, it protect the youth to go in other negatives

   Behaviors that are usually  related to idleness and lack of employment.

5. Refugees’ cup is a way to expose problems and situation of refugees to the public.

The outcomes of this initiative are closely related to the 5reasons given above.

HAFA a partner in community developing.