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We are international dedicated Volunteers!!give your hand to change to a better world!!!!!!  

Working Groups

Hope and Action for Africa is a nonprofit organization whose mission in partnership with community members is to;

  Give knowledge to the refugees community by letting them know which kind of organization and government institution will address their problems, work closely with these last ones by coming near to them (refugees)

  Teach the vulnerable groups on how they can not be held by their particular problems, update the way they view community and their future and assist them find innovative solutions to improve their life , fight poverty , provide useful knowledge and information within above groups.

To fulfill its mission, the organization provides leadership and vision to mobilize partners from multiple domains.
The organization establishes these four active programs to spearhead a call to action in the African communities:

 Vulnerable groups(street families is our direct orientation),Fissna Forever a refugee coming from ethiopia have been charged by other members to head this initiative as even before she join  the organization she had started that initiative


 Refugees (major program)

 Youth Empowerment

Our Concern

v HIV/AIDS (caring and prevention among targeted groups)

v Project Implementation

v Information, Sports and education for targeted groups

In order to achieve well it's mandate, especially in refugees',which is the major program, H.A.F.A intends to create a refugees' board
by which every communities within H.A.F.A intends to work with,will be represented at least by one person.
This will enable H.A.F.A to understand better the needs of all these communities.

How much do you think some one from Somalia is able to know in details the problems  faced by Sudanese communities?

That's y in order to answer that question we have thought on refugee's board as a solution.

H.A.F.A a partner in community developing.