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We are international dedicated Volunteers!!give your hand to change to a better world!!!!!!  

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16th June is International day of African child!it is in that concern we solved to put this year event on that day! * The following ae activities on the Agenda of the day:

*Soccer competition of Hope where 8 teams  from Refugees, and Kenyans will participate, be awarded and empowered

*teachings on peace building which is important especially in place like east and thorn of Africa, where conflicts continue to have place.
*Launch the Program ''Sponsor a Child'' Which have'' as goals,:to assist African children who might be still having barriers to attend basic Education due to poverty/Low incomes of the Families where they come from.

IN JUNE 2011 WE HELD Refugees Cup in Kenya
!(this is a past event)!

For the first time H.A.F.A will be initiating an event called Refugees cup, an event that will bring together teams from the 7 communities of refugee  hosted in Kenya and which are targeted by H.A.F.A.
The teams includes somalis, Ethiopians,Sudaneses,Congoleses,Burundians among others!
Also Kenyans teams that refugees in their teams will be allowed to participate.and vice versa!
The turnaments are supposed to kick off in May and the final and awards will be on refugees day in June!


 Refugees being our major program among other three, it is in this concern we are preparing an event that is related to worldwide refugees’ day in June. this event will include three important activities:

1.Refugees cup competition   .2The best service provider to refugees of the year and 3.A Refugee of

  The year.

 Refugees’ Cup Competition

Given that under its programs H.A.F.A implement different activities to targeted groups such asEducation, information, sport and talent promotion among others, it is in our concern of promotingSports activities among refugees that we have thought to initiate Refugees’ Cup.

 What is Refugees’ Cup Competition.

 It is a competition that was initiated by H.A.F.A and will be held annually from 2011.the final and awards will be on worldwide refugees’ day in June. this competition will bring together different

Teams of refugees’ communities that are targeted by H.A.F.A (Somalis, Sudanese’, Congolese’

Among others).

Why Refugees’ Cup Competition?

1.It is away to promote sport activities among refugees communities

2.When different youth of refugees gather together for sports activities it is easier to get more

  Information on their situation, and challenges and thus take initiatives.

3.it is away to bring different people together and thus build peace.

4.being involved in certain activities such as sport, it protect the youth to go in other negatives

  Behaviors that are usually related to idleness and lack of employment.

5. Refugees’ cup is a way to expose problems and situation of refugees to the public.

The outcomes of this initiative are closely related to the 5reasons given above.

What is The Best service Provider To Refugees?

Different people mostly of Citizens do their best in their duties, on behalf of organizations that have hired them, to satisfy refugees’ needs in different services. we appreciate the efforts that are made by these Ladies and Gentlemen and it is in that concern that we Have thought to initiate an award to a

Person That will be Named as The best Service Provider To Refugees.

This ceremony will be held annually.


A transparent mode of voting a lady or a man known as The best service provider to refugees will    

Be established ,however will be either groups of refugees or individual persons among refugees communities to make this vote. A transparent mode on how to get the person through opinions polls  is still in preparation.

 What are benefits of this ceremony?

it will motivate the whole system giving services to refugees, to give services with quality. Will give opportunity to appreciate different personalities to the way they accomplish their tasks.

It will encourage either as individual or as organizations to review the quality of the services

They are giving.

It will promote values such as: respect, services innovation, fairness, patience, transparency among

Others within and for refugees’ communities. This will improve services offered to refugees communities.

Who can be nominated as The Best service provider to Refugees of the year in serving refugees?

Every person working with an organization or institution either government or non government,

That its services are related to refugees. His duties should be giving him/her a opportunity to meet one on one with refugees. First in its  financial means, HAFA will look a simple gift as a sign to appreciate the above person. also a certificate signed by HAFA and other partners who will wish will be given to this person. HAFA will mobilize other organization to join such efforts, which might make the value of awards to increase depending on partners deciding to give a hand this initiative.

Other details on this award shall be completed as soon as possible, as the first award shall start with 19th/June/2011.


What is a refugee of The year?

This is an initiative that look to encourage urban refugees to set a good example in the new country.

This includes hardworking ness, moral standards, assisting others among other values that develop the community. also different procedures to choose the above person within transparency shall be completed as soon as possible.It shall be announced to the public why a certain person was choused  as being of the year.

1  September Event

on 1st september HAFA's members r preparing an event in which different organization having same mandate as HAFA, local autholities and communities will be invited.
this event will give HAFA's members an occasion to make their initiatives being more known by other partners and community.
HAFA thinks that one of the better way of passing msg to the community is through the talents promotion(comedy,musics...),because many people are likely to be more attentive on such msg.
Invitation for the day  have been started to be distributed.

The event its self will take place to social hall Kayole,on 1st september.the ceremonies will start at 2pm and end at 4p.m

We cordially look you to join Us

2nd sept:The event was held successfully soon more information&pictures of the event.

The chairman of H.A.F.A speaking to the audience about HAFA's achievements&plans

Different organizations and communities were represented


ON Monday 2nd/August/2010 Hope  English classes  Level I  have started!!!


Thursady 22nd/July Refugee Consurtum Of kenya in partnerships with other organization(kituo cha sheria,gtz,UNHCR and DRA),visited refugees of kayole and umoja.the reason of this visit was to mobilize people to register themselves for getting alien cards.so many people were in that event.
At the end of the event Simon Konzolo who was conducting the RCK team gave his thanks to participant,present organization,facilitators of the event including Hope&Action Organization.
Same events are supposed to go on in different areas of nairobi for mobilizing refugees.

On 24th August/2010

trainingh for  members of the 5 groups  for refugees based in Kayole.were trained by Gtz,the training covered 3 main subjects:Leadership,
Ressources mobilization and Conflict resolution.
More than 30 people attended,and there were from Hope&action For Africa(H.A.F.A) organization Somalis comnunity group,Zinduwa africa,Hope for the hope less,FBK and another group
The training was for 1 day,held in Kayole.was organized By GTZ Urban refugees program,and was successfully.

In closin of the training,The attendants thanked Gtz for such beneficial training and requested gtz to stay close to them.

 25th september TALENT SHOW

GTZ-Urban refugees program has prepared a talent show for urban refugees.in this event that will take place on 25th september,
different talented youth will have occasions to show their talents to the public.
are u a young refugee(15-25),with a UNHCR document?do u have a talent such as comedian,actor,musician,among others?
This is an occasion to you!for any information on this event,contact any GTZ volunteer near u,for information or filling the required form.
you may also contact different offices  such as Hope&Action For Africa or Zinduwa africa!

 On 24th/august/2010 GTZ-URP trained some of leaders of HAFA on Leadership,conflict resolution and resources mobilization!
Also were trained members of the following groups:Hope for hopeless,Zinduwa Africa and Urban refugees Somalis community based

HAFA is preparing to train in first Aid assistance,some of players of different teams of youth (Citizen and refugees teams)!
This idea came after remark that in sport which is among HAFA's activities,there some times there injuries,and these teams are not on level of hiring Doctors!It is in such concern that HAFA plan to mobilize its partners with mandate related to health and sport,to train some players in this teams so that they can perform first aid duties!also basic drugs will be required by HAFA in order to facilitate this plan!

 Jules of HAFA is assisting the injured player(team of refugees) with first Aid after this one was injured in the game.

On 6th&7th October

A training on Gender Based Violence organized by GTZ-URP will take place,HAFA was aked to send 5 person of its group to be trained!!!

 ON 25th/Nov/2010

Training organized by Kituo cha sheria and it's partners will be held in Komarock!refugees from different countries will be trained on refugees' act,rights and the services offered by Kituo cha sheria,UNHCR and Gtz-URP.
HAFA members and communities involved will be among trainees.
The above training was held successfully.soon the pictures of the event will be available on this page.
Thanks to organizers and attendants.

   The Hope groupe,discussing in group during the training!

 The chair person of HAFA and the group secretary, being congratulated by a staff from Kituo cha sheria after reading the conclusion of problems discussed in groups as ones mostly affecting refugees' community especially in Kenya

 HAFA a partner in community development!

H.A.F.A a partner in community development